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Actor who plays jack on virgin river

Published: 16.06.2022

actor who plays jack on virgin river

'A ace to dream': This is Todd Masry, Charmaine's new boyfriend in season 3

He is ayed by Patrick Sabongui and his entrance on the scene promises to alleviate one of the main problems in the relationship between Mel and Jack. The new installment premieres this Friday, July 9 on Netflix, actor who plays jack on virgin river.

Maybe Mel ( Alexandra Breckenridge ) and Jack ( Martin Henderson ) are already sentenced to experience new comications in their already comex love relationship, but it seems that Charmaine ( Lauren Hammersley ) will not be one of them in the season 3 of A ace to dream. She says so herself in the trailer for the new installment released a few weeks ago, in whi we see the protagonist's ex with a new boyfriend and informing Jack that she no longer has reasons to worry about the arrival of the twins. Q>

As you may remember, one of the main ots of season 2 of the most romantic series on Netflix was the < strong> Charmaine's pregnancy,whi in addition to leading various comications in whi she was helped by Mel, considered the arrival of the babies as the best asset to recover Jack and form a family together. The 'bartender', however, was very clear that his will not go any further but that he would take care of his ildren without any doubt.

And now? As we see in the trailer, perhaps the problem now is the opposite. That Charmaine is determined that the father of her ildren be her new partner. "I know you were adjusting to the whole daddy thing, but now Todd is here," she tells Jack. "You are free". That yes, if Jack will want to be free, as Charmaine says, or exercise his role as a father regardless of having or not an emotional relationship with the mother will be something that we have to discover in the new season of the series when it sees the light in the streaming atform next Friday, July 9.

For now, what we can do is introduce you to Todd Masry, Charmaine's new love.

Played by Patrick Sabongui,actor from The Flash, Arrow,Homeland and other famous series, the aracter arrives in Virgin River to restore the illusion of a jilted Charmaine who many were pointing out as Jack's possible attacker.

How Charmaine meets Todd we will discover in season 3 and also if the relationship between the two is as serious as she considers it or if her days are numbered. However, that Todd exists was confirmed by the actor himself on his Instagram account and was also revealed by the trailer for the new episodes.

Also, other new faces are incorporated in the new installment of the series, whi promises to deepen Mel and Jack's relationship while shedding light on the great mystery of who wanted to kill Jack. At the same time, new ots and dynamics will take ace in the streets of the idyllic Virgin River.

'A ace to dream': The new faces that will revolutionize Virgin River in season 3

Season 3 of A ace to dream premieres in full on July 9th.