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Actor who plays jamie tate in emmerdale

Published: 16.06.2022

actor who plays jamie tate in emmerdale

Since returning to Emmerdale last year, Jamie Tate has already been at the centre of some huge storylines.

As the son of Kim, there's no surprise he's been caught up in some major drama including a love triangle with ex Andrea and the 'whodunnit' surrounding Graham Foster's murder, actor who plays jamie tate in emmerdale.

But who ays Jamie Tate and how old is he? Here's everything we know about the aracter...

Who ays Jamie Tate in Emmerdale?

Jamie Tate is ayed by Alexander Lincoln, who is 25-years-old and was born in Lambeth, London.

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While Emmerdale is his first soap role, Jamie has starred in lots of other productions,

Back in 2018 he bagged a role in comedy movie Degenerates back in 2018 where he starred opposite former Eastenders stars Annette Badland and Jamie Foreman.

He has also been a part of independent films su as Wander, Sun in the Night, and Recall.

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How old is Jamie Tate in Emmerdale?

While Andrew might be 25, his aracter Jamie baffled fans during the ITV soap as he revealed his age to Belle Dingle.

The son of Kim Tate was atting with Belle about his sit from his wife Andrea and their ongoing custody battle, when he said: "I'm a 23-year-old soon to be divorcee who lives at home with his mum."

This would make sense, as Jamie was actually born on the show back in 1996.

Who is Jamie Tate?

James Francis "Jamie" Tate made his first appearance on 24 September 1996.

The newborn was at the centre of a paternity bombshell storyline as Frank Tate (Norman Bowler) and Dave Glover (Ian Kelsey) were both potential father’s of Kim's (Claire King) ild.

Dave tragically died trying to save baby Jamie from a fire, before a paternity test revealed that Frank was his dad.

The aracter was ayed by various ild actors until his departure on 19 January 1999 when Kim went on the run from the law.

When Kim made her dramatic return in Mar 2019, it was revealed that she’d lost tou with Jamie after a spell in jail for six years.

After being tracked down by his mum, Jamie was reintroduced with Alexander cast in the role.

Alex said of his new role at the time: “The reason he comes back is for the job, whi he has been offered at the vets in the village.’ ‘He still thinks Kim is in prison and finds out that she’s not. He’s easily manipulated by Kim so he’s brought back into the fold even though he doesn’t want to be."

Speaking to The Metro, he added: “But he does sort of want to be, she’s his mum. Even when you’re estranged I think you still want that relationship even though he admits himself he doesn’t want it.”