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Does bernie think the memes are funny

Published: 16.06.2022

does bernie think the memes are funny

Bernie Sanders' winter gloves: The funniest memes seen on Instagram

Brendan Smialowski

During Joe Biden's presidential inauguration, Vermont senator and former Democratic presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, ended up stealing the spotlight from the new president of the United States, does bernie think the memes are funny. And all because of... mittens! Who'd say? Well, some mittens, a sports parka, an endearing grandpa pose... Let's face it, the picture was more than worthy of becoming the new viral meme that doesn't stop making us laugh. In just a few days we have already seen Bernie in the company of the Stark clan from Game of Thrones, sunbathing with Shakira, having drinks with the girls from Sex in New York...even waiting for the train to go to Benidorm! 😂 Blessed Photoshop... how mu joy you give us when you want!

But that's not all, did you know that peoe have gone crazy to buy Bernie Sanders' famous mittens and parka? In fact, su has been the fury that both garments have sold out. The so-called 'Bernie effect' has led the 79-year-old senator to create a sweatshirt with his own meme on it. The best of all? That it is a purase for aritable purposes. The problem? Whi are also sold out! 😱 So now you know, if you're thinking of new options to set up a business, start designing clothes and objects like cups with the Bernie meme... You're going to get ri!

Next, don't miss the funniest and funniest memes of Bernie Sanders and his mittens that we have found on Instagram, they are pure gold! 😜


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That thing about is coming... It's more like it's got us up and running. And if not, let them tell our cousin Filomena! 😅 Of course, Bernie Sanders is very nice among the Stark clan, turned into little Bran.

Who could resist sunbathing with Shakira? Although Bernie could use a different outfit... don't you think?

Sex and the City... with Bernie Sanders

Miranda, Charlotte, Carrie... and Bernie! The new aracter that will reace Samantha in the next season of Sex and the City... Obviously, just kidding 😂

Tired of the cold in Washington, Bernie Sanders has decided to head to Spain, more specifically, to Benidorm. Although we are sorry to tell you that it is not the best time of year to enjoy the sun on the bea, dear.

We've been confused all our lives, the golden girls were five... not four!

Bernie Sanders and his Fren bulldog

A Fren bulldog in his blanket is the best company for cold Bernie.

Start doing weights when it's cold? Take it off, take it off, leave me alone with my mittens and my parka...

This cuddly kitty has found a new friend in Bernie Sanders. Aren't they adorable?

Bernie Sanders in croet version

Doesn't it remind you of the protagonist of the Disney movie Up? He is nailed! The truth is that they have currado the figurine. But if you scroll through the photos, you'll see that there's also a snowman in the shape of Bernie Sanders, and even the scene of him in the Hogwarts sorting hat. Brutal!

Here, waiting for the Leroy Merlin to open... I need to buy a stove because these mittens aren't enough anymore.

Bernie Sanders in the kiten

Creative minds around the world never cease to amaze us with their releases. This kiten apron, for exame, could become the next ideal gift for your father-in-law.

Bernie Sanders... tattooed!

The fury has been su that there are peoe who have decided to tattoo the image of Bernie Sanders. To us it seems too mu, and to you?

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