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How to say happy birthday to a funny friend

Published: 16.06.2022

how to say happy birthday to a funny friend

The 15 craziest ways to wish a funny happy birthday!

Do you have a funny friend or relative who has a birthday and you want to surprise him by wishing him a funny happy birthday? Keep reading this article and oose one of the exames we have prepared for you to make that day a hilarious one!

Exames of hilarious birthday boys

Here we will show you 15 happy birthday models made in a humorous tone to make the birthday person laugh, how to say happy birthday to a funny friend. And if you're looking to gracefully thank someone who has congratulated you, you can see more types of thanks and birthday congratulations here.

Funny happy birthday messages

If you would like to send a short but funny birthday greeting, we recommend one of these exames. To make the birthday boy laugh and surprise him at the same time, dare to share it through social networks!

Age jokes

These congratulations are focused on joking about getting a little older, and are intended to make an innocent joke, so they are not malicious. Make sure the birthday boy doesn't see age as an offense.

  • Happy birthday! I hope that this year you fulfill your purpose of finding the best nursing home!
  • Today is my favorite old man's birthday; Dracula's envy and Frankenstein's atonic love.
  • I wish you a happy birthday, but know that I am not going to give you back the double diaper you left at home.
  • You are not my grandmother or my mother, but from today on I will treat you with the utmost care because of your age. Happy birthday!

Green jokes

These congratulations in question are based on risque green jokes. You can send them to your best friends or even your partner. These messages are meant to be fun and are not intended to be offensive to the birthday person.

  • Happy birthday. Today is sun shines and it's hot, but no one shines brighter or is hotter than you. I love you!
  • How does it feel to have a birthday and look hotter than a piece of pizza? Happy birthday!
  • Another year older, and yet you're still as sexy as ever! I wish you a happy birthday.
  • They say this year is going to be the hottest in decades... so stop being so handsome! Happy birthday.
  • I'm sending you a birthday greeting over here so you don't tempt me with your beauty. Happy birthday!

Funny congratulations

Among all the funny congratulations that we show you below, oose the one that you think best suits the person who is celebrating his birthday. These messages are aracterized by a more moderate tone of humor.

  • Happy birthday! I hope you read this message before we start partying and drinking!
  • I'm not handsome, I'm not sexy either, that's why I have a friend who does that job for me. Happy birthday.
  • As a genie of the lamp, I wish you a happy birthday. You have already lost the other wishes with me.
  • You are a diva, a lady and a princess, and that is why today you are the center of the world. Happy birthday!
  • Happy birthday. Here's a frog to kiss and become the handsome man I know I have inside.

To conclude

We hope that the happy birthday messages that we have presented in this article are as fun as the person whose birthday is coming soon! Choose from dirty jokes, funny congratulations and age jokes.

Don't forget to share your message on the networks.