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Is the actor who plays jack on virgin river married

Published: 16.06.2022

is the actor who plays jack on virgin river married

“Virgin River”: who is Mandy, the wife that nobody knew of Jack Sheridan

The third season of “Virgin River” < b> , whi premiered on Netflix on July 9, is full of surprises. The ten new episodes gave us more insight into Mel's (Alexandra Breckenridge) and Jack's (Martin Henderson) relationship, as well as previously unknown secrets from the leads' pasts and enty of unexpected twists and turns, is the actor who plays jack on virgin river married.

Fans of Netflix's romantic drama were shocked when they learned a secret from Jack's past. It was in episode 5 of season 3 of “Virgin River” when Mel Monroe accidentally found out that Jack has an ex-wife named Mandy.

And it is that, until now, it was not known that Jack was married since he never mentioned it. The truth is that this revelation left Mel confused and raised several questions about the past of the ex-marine and owner of the small town bar “Virgin River” .

In “Virgin River” season 3 episode 5 when Mel Monroe accidentally found out that Jack has an ex-wife named Mandy. (Photo: Netflix)


“Virgin River” is aracterized by being a series in whi anything can happen. Loyal fans of the Netflix romantic drama know that they can find any surprise throughout the story starring Mel and Jack.

Even the actors of “Virgin River” can expect the unexpected. This was made clear by Martin Henderson, who ays Jack Sheridan in the series. The actor was unaware that his aracter was married and he found out when he read the script for the third season.

"I almost spit out my coffee when I read that in the script," Martin Henderson told TVLine when he found out that Jack Sheridan was married.

“Like most of the audience, and certainly like Mel, he was surprised and confused. I called (showrunner Sue Tenney) and said, “Was he married? Because I did not know it?". I was a little offended on behalf of Mel. Why would he not have shared something so relevant? ”, Revealed the actor.

It was in episode 6 of season 3 of “Virgin River”, when Jack exained to Mel that there was not mu story to tell about his past marriage with Mandy. He said that it was a brief relationship and that everything ended when he went to the navy, so this fact has no relevance in his life.

“There is not mu to tell. We got married right out of high sool, I joined the Marines, and she filed for divorce when I shipped to Iraq. The entire marriage lasted less than three months. It's not something I ever think about,” Jack told Mel.

Martin Henderson was unaware that his aracter Jack Sheridan was married and learned the truth when he read the script for season 3. (Photo: Netflix)


Although Jack Sheridan considers that his past marriage with Mandy cannot affect his present one with Mel, Martin Henderson knows that in “Virgin River” anything can happen and he stated this in the interview with TVLine:

“Mandy appearing on “Virgin River” would comicate things even more. It is possible with this program”, said the actor.

In that sense, the showrunner of the Netflix drama, Sue Tenney, told TVLine that Mandy's existence is actually more critical than she seems.

“Now you can see that he made that commitment at some point. He has been a confirmed baelor ever since, but he did marry someone at one point. These are the things you find out as you get to know someone, and Mel and Jack haven't really known ea other that long. Our show moves pretty slowly,” Tenney said.

Martin Henderson ays Jack Sheridan in "Virgin River". (Photo: Netflix)