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What is the name of the actor who died today

Published: 17.06.2022

what is the name of the actor who died today

Actor Ray Liotta dies at 67

Actor Ray Liotta, remembered for his role in 'One of Us', has died at 67 in his sleep, according to sources close to the interpreter cited by the TMZ portal. Liotta was in the Dominican Republic filming his new movie, 'Dangerous Waters', what is the name of the actor who died today. He was accompanied by his fiancée, Jacy Nittolo. He had a daughter.

'The Irishman' forever rewrites the figure of the gangster in Scorsese's cinema

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Born in Newark, New Jersey, in 1954, Raymond Allen Liotta will always be remembered for his role as Henry Hill, a young mobster apprentice. From that filming, under the orders of Martin Scorsese, the actor kept a bittersweet memory, because at that time his mother died of adopting him (Liotta had been an abandoned baby in a hospice).

Released in 1990, this film entered the Olympus of mafia masterpieces, along with Francis Ford Coppola's 'The Godfather' saga and other Scorsese titles su as 'Bad Streets' and 'Casino'. "It is wonderful to be part of something that is remembered 25 years later and will last forever," he declared in 2016 in an interview with the EFE agency.

The starring role in 'One of Us' came to Liotta at the hands of Robert de Niro, who had seen him act in 'Something Wild' (1986) by Jonathan Demme, alongside Jeff Daniels and Melanie Griffith. Liotta earned a Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actor for that role.

The road to stardom was not easy. His first stable job as an actor was in a soap opera, the soap opera 'Another World'. He had just graduated from the University of Miami, where he had studied acting. In that period he acted in musicals like 'Cabaret' or 'Smiles and tears'.

After the New York period of 'Another World' he moved to Hollywood to try his luck. There she made her debut in a feature film entitled 'The Lone Lady' (Peter Sasdy, 1983) alongside Pia Zadora, who had aieved enormous media coverage the previous year for her role in 'The Mark of the Butterfly', a controversial film about incest.,directed by Matt Cimber and with the participation of Orson Welles and Stacy Kea.

In 1989 he also participated in the cast of 'Field of Dreams', a film about a baseball star in whi he shared the bill with Kevin Costner, Burt Lancaster, Ben Affleck and James Earl Jones, among others. The definitive bombshell for him came from the hand of Scorsese and he would not stop concatenating shootings, appearing in a hundred titles on the big screen and more than 40 television productions. One of his last works was his participation in the prequel to the series 'The Sopranos'.