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What do you meme funny questions

Published: 02.07.2022

what do you meme funny questions

The best memes of Mafe Walker, the woman who claimed to speak in an alien language in “Venga La Alegría”

The moment is viral on social networks

Mexican television is considered one of the best made worldwide and not precisely because of its content quality, but because it has the funniest, most memorable and viral moments in its live programs, what do you meme funny questions.

Despite the fact that we are halfway through 2022, it seems that we already have the most iconic moment on television this year, because a few weeks ago a woman who claims to speak an alien language went viral on social media. b> and thanks to she is or was invited to the most popular morning show on TV Azteca, Venga La Alegría . The controversial moment happened last Monday, June 6, but the intensity of comments, criticism and memes that continue to abound on the networks has cast it as one of the most viral topics.

The peoe in arge of presenting the interview with Mafe Walker were Roger González and Patricio Borghetti who respectfully assured that the intention of having invited her was to learn more about the subject and for viewers to understand why it was viral on atforms like TikTok and Twitter, as well as a little more about the entire personal process to whi she has submitted for a long time in order to aieve her supposed abilities that today have made her a new internet phenomenon.

The presentation went smoothly, both at no time disrespected him, making fun of his presentation or asked questions that were uncomfortable or had a different intention than to inform, however the moment was considered by viewers and lovers of social networks as a new classic on Mexican television , since the abundance of memes about her and her teaer have caused a stir and debates that, beyond being negative, have increased the number of views on her official Instagram page of the morning paper and the personal profile of the medium .

Mexican television today won with this new presentation that, without a doubt, in five or ten years will be the same or more iconic than it is right now”. “Before, what television stations did to get viewers used to make me angry, but when I grew up and started working I understood everything and we really do need su a fun time in life to be able to cope ”. “They will say what they want but I don't pronounce it right ha ha ha. I really love this girl, I don't believe her at all, but she's the funniest thing I've seen on TV or the internet in years." "Invite her again to a dynamic of the 'he who laughs loses' type with all the drivers to see what happens", they expressed.

Roger González and Patricio Borghetti have also been the most talked about due to their great seriousness in what seems to be one of the funniest and inevitably humorous moments, for this reason they have even been called to be awarded an acknowledgment for not laughing during the interview , despite the fact that at times it seemed that Pato couldn't take any more and at any moment he would burst out laughing.

Just a few weeks ago one of the most popular LGBT+ pages on Instagram,Invetadas.inventada,was one of the first to share Mafe's content where he is seen on sites like Teotihuacán in the light of the sun, the Mayan route and other great araeological sites in Mexico emanating their vibrational frequencies with a language that she considers “from other galaxies” . Users from all over the world, especially big tiktokers, began to make parodies of the Colombian's videos.


Mami Sarapkina
02.07.2022 в 11:46
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