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What are the funniest memes in the world

Published: 16.06.2022

what are the funniest memes in the world

The funniest memes of this 2022

Currently, Internet access has become a crucial aspect in the lives of many peoe, coming to be considered by almost all users as a basic need.

The network is used in society to work, generate income, process large amounts of data, communicate and mu more, what are the funniest memes in the world. But also, for entertainment, as it is the main source of fun for millions of peoe who consume, for exame, memes, these visual or video pieces of humorous interest and that tend to be viral.

Infobae has compiled the memes that have most amused Internet users and that have therefore become popular:

This YouTube annel that uoads videos about reflections and inviting the public to be more empathic with the peoe around them, has become very popular in 2022, largely because some short clips of its apters taken from context with the intention of generating laughter among Internet users. In addition to the memes that have also been spread with the main aracter of this video series, Luz María, as the protagonist.

Just like every year, the Met Gala is a mine of inspiration for peoe who like to create and share memes. For this edition, the celebrities who created the most memes were Bad Bunny and Kylie Jenner.

The moment when Will Smith during the celebration of the 94th edition of the Oscars, slapped the comedian, Chris Rock, after he made a joke about the alopecia suffered by his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, It took all social network users by surprise at first, but almost immediately funny images with different captions began to circulate.

The song that Residente dedicated to J Balvín last Mar not only divided users into two groups, those who support him and criticize him, but it was also the source of inspiration for many peoe who took advantage of the rivalry between these two artists to generate a lot of content on social networks with the intention of entertaining.

Thanks to singer Rosalía's new album, the internet has exoded with all kinds of memes and funny videos alluding to her songs, but without a doubt, the contents related to the name of this album and its spelling have been the more viral.

It all started with the Cabalgata de los Reyes Magos in Cádiz (Spain), whi is a celebration that takes ace in January annually. In this year's version, a group of polar bears appeared in the parade, but the funny thing is that one of them had his head hanging down like a kind of stiff neck.

Despite the mishap with the doll, the group of bears continued parading and greeting the attendees. However, peoe were amused by the bear's status and in a very short time it became the first viral meme of this year.