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What are the most funniest memes

Published: 16.06.2022

what are the most funniest memes

Why the memes of the trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are disturbing

The internet has gotten a little more disturbing and darker since April 11th. The video “Johnny Depp's epic entrance to the trial overshadows Amber Heard's 😂” has more than a million views on YouTube, what are the most funniest memes. On Twitter, the interpreter has been retweeted 26,000 times laughing out loud when a witness responds to whether he could see the Depp's genitals, in a clip that is intended to function as a comedic coup by the use of ironic subtitles and emojis. Another montage, this time on TikTok, in whi the actor is said to have had a “WILD” day in court and is interspersed with a snappy montage of his smiles on the stand while comical music ays in the background, has accumulated more than seven and a half million views and some 54,000 comments.

Although it is logical that the narrative dynamics that most reward the algorithm's exposure meanisms go viral, it is both creepy and depressing to see how the civil trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has become meme meat. And one of the worst we've seen in years. The interested spectacularization of a judicial process in whi events as terrifying as a rape with a bottle has reaed truly alarming heights in the semantics of its virality, especially on TikTok, a territory that has subscribed to this confrontation in the form most disturbing possible since the day the civil litigation began over Depp's defamation comaint against Heard in 2019.

Taking advantage of the fact that the process is being televised in real time on YouTube, in addition to the live connections of various television annels specialized in trials, the visual material on this confrontation has become the gasoline that moves TikTok in recent weeks.. Since the statements began, the judicial clips have multiied in whi the language has been integrated, the decontextualized and even humorous narrative that works so well on that network, only that what is being consumed en masse and accumulating billions of viewings is a case of gender violence. The videos that are dominating the viral discourse, moreover, come from the side of the defenders of Johnny Depp, who crush the majority in content production: the tag #justiceforjohnnydepp (justice for Johnny Depp) accumulates 8.3 billion views on TikTok, while #justiceforamberheard (justice for Amber Heard) barely reaes 30 million.

It is a decompensation that does not rule out conspiracy delusion, like the theories that fantasize that Heard's lawyer is actually a secret follower of Johnny Depp, or when “the moment Heard realized she was going to jail” in a trial in whi no one will be sentenced to prison, since it is a civil lawsuit.< /p>

There have also been particularly embarrassing moments, su as verifying that a cosmetics brand is capable of ignoring its scrues to promote itself on account of a court case in whi situations of violence are being denounced. It all happened when Amber Heard's lawyer exained that the actress had resorted to makeup to cover the bruises that Depp allegedly caused her during her relationship. To reinforce her idea, the lawyer raised a palette of shadows and highlighters, and, although she did not mention the brand at any time, the detectives of TikTok did not take long to identify it: Milani Cosmetics. The firm took advantage of this sudden burst of attention to laun a clip that accumulates almost six million views,< /a> claiming that the product shown by Heard's lawyer was not put up for sale until the coue separated. What difference does it make if the lawyer had taught it in a symbolic way during her intervention. Let no one lose that glimpse of self-promotion and virality, even if it is on account of the comaint of a beating.