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Where did the ten rings come from in the comics

Published: 02.07.2022

where did the ten rings come from in the comics

Two different origins were engraved for the Ten Rings of Shang-Chi

The screenwriter of “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” formally introduced the Ten Rings organization that we saw in the mythical “Iron Man” 2008, where did the ten rings come from in the comics. Although some issues were clarified, and it was related to what was seen in “Iron Man 3”, there were some issues that remained in the air. For exame, the Shang-Chi movie doesn't really help you learn the origin story of this organization.

Now we add the curiosity that several alternative origin stories were raised. The interesting thing is that in addition to what we saw in the film, up to two other different versions of the scenes that exain the origin of the Ten Rings were recorded. This is revealed in an interview by the film's writer, Dave Callaham.

There were scenes shot for the movie that suggested an origin,” Callaham exains. There were scenes shot later that suggested a different origin. We didn't know whi one we wanted to say was the final one.

The writer added, however, that they ultimately decided to leave the details of the Rings' origin out of the film as a Marvel Cinematic Universe secret that could be resolved later.< /p>

We intentionally ose that as the final version. We realized that, in these two hours, it doesn't matter at all where it comes from. That is not the story we are telling. But for sure it is an interesting question that we would like to talk about later. Or someone will.

Although the history of the Ten Rings has been left blank in the film, in the comics, the Ten Rings first came to Earth as alien relics, whi were abandoned in a spaceship. In the Shang-Chi comics, the Ten Rings are also shown on Wenwu's fingers, ea having a unique shape and color. Ea ring also has a specific power, be it the projection of fire, the control of darkness, or the reorganization of matter.

Related to all of this, head of digital VFX Sean Walker also recently revealed that the look of the Ten Rings initially looked more like the relics from the comics.

The Ten Rings actually went through a series of color anges,” exains the film's VFX man. At one point, ea individual effect had their own style of using the Rings. For exame, when Wenwu creates an exosion, or a whip, or projectiles, they actually had their own unique color seme, they all had a similar color palette.

To clearly define that this is Wenwu and this is Shang-Chi, we stick to a mu smaller color palette. So Shang-Chi's colors actually mimic her mother's color palette, so we looked at her for her greens and for the yellows and greens. Especially in the initial fight between her parents.

Released in theaters on September 3, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings passed the $250 million mark at the worldwide box office on September 12 and is on pace to surpass Black Widow as the movie of Highest-grossing Hollywood released during the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Directed by Destin Daniel Cretton, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is out in theaters now. The film will premiere streaming on Disney+ on November 12, whi will be the opening Disney+ Day.

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