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Which walking dead characters are not in the comics

Published: 02.07.2022

which walking dead characters are not in the comics

The Walking Dead (history)

The Walking Dead (published at Spain as The Living Dead ) [ 1 ] was a regular series of american histories of monthly publication written by Robert Kirkman and drawn by Tony Moore,[ 2] [ 3] reaced by Charlie Adlard starting with issue 7, which walking dead characters are not in the comics. The Walking Dead tells the adventures and misadventures of a group of peoe trying to survive after an apocalypse zombie in the e state of Georgia and Washington D. C.

Rendered in white, black and gray, except for the covers, is originally published in the United States by Image Comics since the year 2003, in Chile by Editorial Unlimited since 2013, in Mexico by Editorial Kamite since December 2012, and in Bolivia by TuKiosko Editorial since October 2013. In 2010 it was the object of a adaptation as a television series by the network AMC.

The comic focuses on Rick Grimes, a sheriff attaed to Georgia whi results wounded during a shootout and ends up in a coma. When he wakes up, he realizes he is in a world crawled by semi dead cannibals whose only quest is to devour every living being that crosses their path. Unaware of what has happened around him, Rick embarks on a quest to find his family. In Atlanta he meets a group of survivors, including his wife and son. He gradually assumes the role of group leader, moving on later to leading an entire community. The comic ended at issue 193 on July 3, 2019.

Although in reality the cause of the appearance of the zombies is not fully revealed, the ot allows us to palp the human and personal development of the aracters and the ways to cope with the panorama of persecution, destruction and death provoked by the zombies, known for the most part as walkers, wanderers, rotten, exterminators or biters (in Woodbury) but the word zombie is never used to describe them. According to Robert Kirkman (creator of the comic and executive producer of the series) this is due to that within the world of The Walking Dead doesn't exist regarding the word zombie, there are no movies, comics, video games or books or anything by the way that mention the word. The idea is as sime as the following: within the universe fictional of The Walking Dead the aracters don't know the word and pronounce it differently.

In the United States the series is published monthly, of whi to date, 193 issues have been published. These issues are originally written in English, but there are many fans who dedicate themselves to translating and digitizing them for online distribution in Spanish-speaking countries.

In Mexico, in December 2012 the first compilation volume of the series was officially published (six issues per volume), thanks to Editorial Kamite who bought the license to publish it in Spanish. The series is published under the original title, only adding the subtitle "The Living Dead", can be acquired at closed newsstands and locals for a cost of $150.00 MXN ($7.90 USD) (6.50€), the same as the US version,is published monthly and retains the same cover as well as the original black and white, as of Mar 2019 Kamite put the series on sale individually monthly. [ 4]

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