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Why are the bernie memes so funny

Published: 16.06.2022

why are the bernie memes so funny

The Bernie Sanders meme, a millionaire business

To those who managed to buy the sweatshirt with the image of Bernie Sanders bundled up to his ears at Joe Biden's inauguration a warning appears at the end of the online order: the shipment may take between six and eight weeks due to excess demand, why are the bernie memes so funny. When they went on sale last Wednesday they sold out in less than half an hour. Over the weekend, the socialist senator's team once again offered the sweatshirt for $45 (37 euros) on the official website and added shirts for $27 (22 euros). On Monday there was no longer a trace of the merandise, but there was of the substantial profits. Sanders' team reported Wednesday that they raised $1.8 million, an amount that will go to arities in his native Vermont.

The photograph taken at Biden's swearing-in quickly activated an army of internet creatives who turned it into hundreds of memes that went viral. Seated with his arms crossed in a thick jacket, knitted gloves and mask, the senator went from a aracter on the cou in the series Friends to part of the group of scientists at the Solvay Conference 1927. “Jane [wife] and I were amazed at all the creativity of so many peoe over the last week, and we are happy to be able to use my Internet fame to help Vermonters in need,” Sanders said in a statement.

A portion of the money raised will go to Meals on Wheels, a program that provides nutritious meals to seniors and peoe with disabilities in social homes. Another will go to Feeding Chittenden,the largest food bank in Vermont and one last to Chill Foundation,an organization that tries to reintegrate youth into society through sports in snow Sanders has warned that while he celebrates the amount of money raised on his page, it is "not a substitute" for the work he may do in Congress. "I will do everything I can in Washington to make sure that working peoe in Vermont and across the country get the help they need in the midst of the worst crisis we've faced since the Great Depression," he said.

Not only the website of the veteran senator has generated profits for aritable purposes as a result of his image. Tobey King, a 46-year-old woman from Texas, croeted a mini Bernie, comete with her army green mini jacket, mini mittens and mini face mask. When the image of Sanders went viral, she decided to put the doll up for sale on eBay. The item would go to the highest bidder. The final price was $20,300, an amount that eBay doubled in order to contribute to the cause, bringing the total price to $40,600. King's husband lost her job due to the pandemic, and ever since she has been selling yarn and yarn dolls to help her family.

In 2016, when Sanders lost the primary election against Hillary Clinton, a Vermont elementary sool teaer gave the senator a set of knitted gloves. Four years later, she received a flood of requests to reicate those gloves. There were thousands of followers of the former presidential candidate who wanted to cover their hands with the same mittens that everyone saw on social networks after the investiture. But teaer Jen Ellis was no longer knitting gloves, and neither was she willing to give up her job to respond to requests. “I'm a teaer and I'm a mom, and all of that keeps me very busy. There is no possible way I can make 6,000 pairs of mittens, and every time I go into my email, I have orders from several hundred peoe,” she told Jewish Insider.

The clothing brands Sanders wore that day celebrated the free publicity. The senator's exanation, however, may not have been the best review. “In Vermont we dress to stay warm, we don't care about fashion.”

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