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Why does my cat make a funny face after smelling something

Published: 02.07.2022

why does my cat make a funny face after smelling something

Does your cat do strange things? So you can identify why and understand it

We found Mixeta two years ago on the side of a road wrapped in a kiten handkerief. Kira,my former dog, and I were walking around the house when we heard some meowing and immediately approaed her, why does my cat make a funny face after smelling something. She was only about two months old. I picked her up and quickly took her to the vet. After days of bottle-feeding, Mixeta is now an almost four-year-old cat with a lot of aracter. At night, however, she seems more docile and she comes into the bedroom and kneads the blanket on our bed. Sometimes she even kneads me! Why does she do it?

Consulting the vet is the first thing when in doubt about strange behavior

Nils Jacobi

In fact, Mixeta has many other attitudes -in my opinion- strange,like getting into a cardboard box, bringing live mice into the house, all of a sudden it starts running... Does the same thing happen to your cat too? In 90% of cases they are behaviors normal from the feline point of view. And, according to specialists, there is no single reason why. When cats act in a certain way does not depend on a single factor.

Ea cat has its own aracter and acts according to its personality Getty Images/iStockphoto

Some behaviors are aracteristic of territorial marking; others are simy related to fun, and there are others that are the result of his instinct, to name a few exames. The main thing is to rule out that there is not a pathological problem. That is why it is important to know the response of the professional and consult the veterinarian before anything else.

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"We have to make a correct diagnosis and more so when cats do strange things like suddenly or suddenly become aggressive, meowing very loudly, blowing or attacking. The animal could have, in this case, a problem related to stress even a brain tumor," says Tomas Camps, a veterinary doctor and a graduate of the European College of Animal Welfare for Behavioral Medicine.

So the approa to the case will depend on the diagnosis. "Without a diagnosis, we cannot give general guidelines beyond, in this specific situation of aggressiveness, personal protection and that the person does not try to tou it and tries to lock the animal in a room until it has calmed down", points out this expert.< /p>

Fun, instinct or hunting

Not-So-Unusual Behaviors

According to veterinarians and ethologists, these are some exames of common behaviors in cats.

Staying hidden helps reduce stress. They seek and need tranquility

Marta Amat Ethologist and researer

Bringing a rodent is not an offering to its owner

Tomàs Camps Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

After this review of some strange behaviors (whi we now see are not so strange), it is seen that many of the behaviors of felines are natural.

A feline hunting behavior can sometimes be masked in the game

Getty Images/iStockphoto

So if any of them bothers you, you should know that, according to experts, most of the time you won't be able to eradicate them, but you can at least refocus them. "The diagnosis will allow us to understand why it does it and once this is known, we will be able to put measures in ace. If the animal is carrying out a territorial marking with its nails and it turns out that it destroys the floor, we will not be able to avoid this behavior. In any case, we have to try to do it in a reasonable ace for the owner. The objective is to understand the two parties, both the cat and the owner, and find a solution so that harmony reigns at home", concludes Camps.

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