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You know what i mean funny meme

Published: 16.06.2022

you know what i mean funny meme

Five days at the top of Twitter at a national level is something that not even Ibai has aieved. A most random trend has made Jordi Wild don't even shoot down the most commented on that social network , in a mixture of homage, cyberbullying, jokes and self-criticism that is already part of the influencer slang , you know what i mean funny meme.

However, Jordi himself thinks that things like the one that has happened to him could be very dangerous : "I'm going to be very clear, sincere and realistic: I benefit from This isn't bad for me. I've gained a tremendous number of followers on social media, and on an economic level I know that this video is going to monetize luxury ".

He is referring to the clip of him humorously reviewing the memes that have not stopped since last weekend, all because of a giant snowball that nobody knows how to point to an origin. "I am a public figure, I know perfectly well what I am exposing myself to, and also I am part of the most troll group in the entire universe (streamers, youtubers and all that), [...] and not only I totally peel it but it's funny to me ".

It is evident that he laughs at the matter -" my friends and I have a brutal mess with memes "-, and after emphasizing that he takes advantage of the situation he is now experiencing, he recalls that it is not something that anyone can go through without suffering hardship on a personal level .

"I'm referring to peoe who go to sools or institutes and who receive the same type of treatment ,without getting any profit beyond the ridicule that is made of their person," he exains, pointing to it like pure and sime harassment. "Before, when you had a problem with someone you could solve it face to face; nowadays, with the internet, not anymore ".

"A bad photo can be taken from you and ruin years of your life , and all under the culture of memes." Jordi assures that laughing at himself seems healthy to him, but he says so at 37 years old, with times of very low popularity that he has managed to weather with self-criticism, and from a comfortable position professionally and financially .

"I laugh at these things because I haven't taken these things seriously for years . But there are many peoe you shouldn't do this to. [...] Cyberbullying It is the order of the day, it is something very serious and very difficult to stop. Make fun of Ibai, Auron,Rubius or me is normal. It goes in the pack, and when we look at our bank accounts we laugh more ,but you can ruin anonymous peoe's lives with ridicule". Jordi's words, and it's hard to make a funny meme out of this .